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We fuel health with fun through educational health games!

At Wizdy, we believe that games have the power to engage and educate patients about their conditions. We create mobile games that teach and motivate people, especially kids, to stay well by combining physician-approved educational health content and behavioral science with fun. We currently have 2 games on the appstores tackling pediatric asthma and food allergy: Wizdy Pets and Wizdy Diner, respectively. Instead of serving as a temporary fix for the problem of patient nonadherence, our games are trying to eliminate the problem altogether. We want to change how health is approached. Switch from age-old informational pamphlets to real patient engagement by engaging them with what everyone loves to do--play games! By doing so, we hope to make health and happiness more easily attainable.


"Our CEO, Nikita, was inspired to create Wizdy by her best friend who has had asthma since middle school. Just last summer, her friend learned that she also has severe allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, dairy, eggs and shellfish. She has felt alone throughout her journey to manage her asthma and allergies, and to live a normal life. This is true for many kids learning that they have a chronic health condition, which are not only incredibly challenging medically but socially and emotionally as well. Our hope is that we can empower kids to take ownership of their health through our games while also overcoming the social stigma surrounding these conditions and increasing kids’ empathy for one another.

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