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Wefarm connects small-scale farmers to the information they need to work, grow and prosper together.

Small-scale farmers live in rural areas without access to the internet - isolated from information and resources they need to prosper. They produce 70% of the world’s food so this matters to all of us. Which is why we have created Wefarm - the world’s largest farmer-to-farmer information sharing network. Our mission is simple - connect every farmer - as we believe no one else knows more about farming. Utilising the latest AI technology, Wefarm works by SMS and online. Our service enables farmers to share and access vital information on anything from how to battle a disease to how to increase their income. All without leaving their farm or spending any money. Our growth is unprecedented - we have already registered over 320,000 farmers who use Wefarm twice as much as people use Twitter!


It is widely accepted that access to vital information and knowledge for isolated, offline populations in developing countries would increase prosperity. Yet most current approaches are ‘top down’ with people simply being told what to do by ‘experts’. Wefarm was inspired by the 7 years founder Kenny Ewan spent working with farmers in Peru. He saw first-hand the unique ways that farmers solved their daily challenges. Like one farmer whose chicks were trampling each other at feeding time so many were dying. He designed a chicken feeder using farm containers which saved most of his chicks. Driven by the motivation to empower farmers to share knowledge like this and challenge the status quo, Kenny founded Wefarm. A scalable and sustainable information service, for farmers created by farmers.

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