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WATER PACIFIC, a sustainable option for the supply of dry regions

WATER PACIFIC implements an eco-efficient technology using an atmospheric water collector. The atmospheric water collector, is a relatively simple technology that is solar/eolian renewable energy-powered. It uses a conditioning system, which can be used in remote areas where the humidity in the air could be condensed to produce drinking water from the atmosphere. Adaptation and mitigation are integrated. That helps various means to boost different mechanisms of life of the local population against the different effects of climate change, and at the same time, leads to increase the offer of services in the local ecosystems as well as a higher diversification of income sources and economic activities. Besides, its benefits could be reflected and replicated at a global scale.


In Colombia there are 14.4 million people living in risk of shortage of drinking water (medium and medium-high risk), and 20 million people register high or very high vulnerability regarding supply shortages. I started thinking about an idea that could match in the life of people living in remote areas, where drinking water access is limited. My knowledge has been useful to change other people’s life. But, my question is: What is the difference I am making? What can I do to have that difference as a positive factor in my life and in others’ life? Was this possible because of my courage and determination? Sometimes the smallest things create the biggest impacts and those things are the most remarkable ones.

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