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An online platform that gamifies kindness and doing good and tracks the ripple effect over the world

The Good Cards is an online gaming platform that uses a mobile app to guide people in living a happier and more fulfilled life. It is a way for people to collectively take action for social good, build positive habits, and bring happiness to all involved. The Good Cards is more than fostering goodness, it’s also teaching people how to be socially responsible and compassionate world citizens -- educating and guiding people in taking action for the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, starting community initiatives, reducing food waste, and more. We work with corporations to scale our distribution of cards and provide companies with a platform for cause marketing and engaging customers in their social responsibility initiatives. We provide Kindness Standards for corporations, charities, people.


Our motivation for The Good Cards is to spread happiness in the world. We strive to inspire a worldwide movement of people taking social action in a fun and meaningful way. By joining together we can change the world and co-create a new age of happiness with The Good Cards. A simple tool for doing good, inspiring kindness around the world, and most importantly, making others happy because the happier you make others, the happier you are yourself. We imagine a world where extending a helping hand, performing random acts of kindness, or making another happy is the norm. A world where people believe in the goodness of themselves and each other. A world where we join together as global communities and take collective action to bring positive changes to this world that can be felt by society.

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