The Daily Experiment

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The Daily Experiment makes happiness available, through self-improvement and social good.

GOAL SUPPORT - Users receive free tiny daily experiments to improve health, relationships, money, career and mind. The site gives the ability to reach personal goals through new habit formation. Users can achieve target ‘streaks’ of behaviour, with daily clicks to confirm achieved activities. GOOD CAUSES - Users can register for an enhanced subscription service with 30% of the subscription for good causes of their choice and 20% to the community choice. This second cause will drive social good for a current need i.e. those impacted by hurricane Irma. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT - The platform will be used for companies’ employee engagement. Employees vote on a preferred charity or short term cause. AI - A later phase of this site could support an App with virtual coach and use AI based triggers.


"HAPPINESS - I saw the African children’s choir live at a local Primary school. I was so moved I researched the choir to understand their journey from difficult backgrounds to obvious happy countenance. NEW IDEA BORN - Shortly after seeing these children live in concert and completely unconnected from this, I travelled from the UK to attend BJ Fogg’s Persuasive Technology Boot Camp in San Francisco (Fogg directs Stanford University's Persuasive Tech Lab). When I returned from the Boot Camp, I discussed the idea of starting an organisation with two friends in London. FOR SOCIAL GOOD - We decided on ‘The Daily Experiment’. Profit is not a primary motivator. I wanted to help and support people, by creating change through habit development, with profit + social good in equal measure.

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