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Precision Eating - Artificial intelligence nutrition companion and lifestyle marketplace.

Suggestic’s app gives users actionable food suggestions based on their personalized nutrition plans. Individuals select, subscribe and buy from our marketplace of nutrition and dietary plans. Each user then receives real-time real-world suggestions of what menu items to eat at any restaurant, what products to buy at the grocery store and what to cook at home. Suggestic is an app that tells you precisely what you should order or buy based on your personalized diet or nutrition plan. Augmented Reality overlay for restaurant menus 10+ bestselling authors and optimization labs 6 provisional patents including deep learning Product demo:


We have a long and personal history with diabetes and obesity that has lead us to understand the power of food as medicine and the importance of precise and personalized nutrition. Both our fathers passed away from type 2 diabetes and we have personally had to battle pre-diabetes and other conditions. All solvable with the right food. Together we have read dozens of books, watched hundreds of hours of videos and probably spent well over $100K in coaches, tests and supplements to get where we are now. Healthy, happy and thriving. It has been a difficult but rewarding journey and we have talked with hundreds along the way with the same questions. What is good for me? What should I eat now? What do I cook? What food do I buy? Which supplement do I really need? We expect to answer those.

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