Smart Garbage Medical Insurance

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Micro-insurance scheme using garbage as a financial resource enabling slum folks pay for health care

Garbage Medical Insurance (GHI) is a micro health insurance program which uses garbage as a financial resource. With this program, the community and uninsured poor slum dwellers are able to pay for health cover, drugs and other clinical services by using garbage as payment to an insurance scheme. This, in turn improves their access to medical treatment and the quality of public health program with respect to promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative wellbeing mainly targeting slum children below 5 years and expectant women. It further offers the community an incentive to start an organized waste management and waste entrepreneurship system from household level so as to benefit from continual health insurance.


I strongly believe access to healthcare is a fundamental human right regardless of someone’s economic status that is why our project is focusing on providing poor slum residents with access to healthcare using an easily available resource-garbage. In reality many people can't get health access because they don't have enough money and the cost for medication is expensive. Then, I start to think, how I could create health financing model which will permit all people to get health access. Yeah, Garbage is the best solution, because almost every day every house produces garbage and they have pay a fee to dispose their garbage, we offer to residents to submit their garbage to us, and they can go for free treatment, counseling in clinic, and get preventive, and rehabilitative health program.

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