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We help health care providers and employers predict, prevent and manage chronic lifestyle diseases.

SidekickHealth delivers an engaging health-behavior change platform to predict, prevent and manage lifestyle-related diseases. Our B2B SaaS model helps providers and employers achieve better health outcomes, experience and financial performance at scale. We combine behavioral economics, A.I. and gamification to motivate lifestyle change for those most in need (e.g., the 50% of adults with low health literacy, at-risk populations). Our platform empowers users to manage their health (diet, exercise, stress) and lets administrators review data and communicate remotely with users on their journey to better health. When adding SidekickHealth to in-person programs, customers have seen a three-fold increase in participants achieving their weight-loss goals, as well as higher program adherence.


SidekickHealth was founded by two doctors who recognized that traditional methods of lifestyle change counseling were not effective enough to bring about the shift needed to reverse the global epidemic of chronic illness. Over the course of thousands of conversations with patients affected by lifestyle diseases, they discovered that they were often putting out fires they would have liked to prevent. It was clear that prescribing a third medication or explaining risk factors would not address the core problem. There had to be a better way, and they set out to build it. Our motivation from inception to research to launch has been to create healthier, happier populations worldwide. Today, we are on our way to fulfilling our vision of preventing 1 million premature deaths by 2024.

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