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Music edu-tech company focuses in AI music teacher that understands students' performance and teach

We are a team of musicians and information technology professional and believe everyone has the right to learn music. Our cross sector expertise makes music education more accessible, affordable and fun to students globally. Playnote’s patented technology about artificial intelligence (AI) music teacher and examiner in the mobile apps, understands students’ performance and gives instant human voice analysis and feedback, allowing students to practise music instrument playing, singing, etc. with guidance anytime anywhere.


"Our childhood dream was to play piano on stage in front of thousands of audiences, which we believe is a dream many people share - to be a great musician. However, not many have accomplished their dreams because instructors and time are required in the traditional musicianship developing process. We are dedicated to help music students attain their learning goals. Learning music is not just for performance. We often face difficulties and unhappy moment in our life. Playing music instrument or music appreciation is one of the best ways for us to relieve from pressure, anxiety or disquiet. Once these skills acquired, we will benefit it for a life time and have much energy to face difficulty situation. We would like to make music learning and appreciation easy for everyone"

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