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Mush is your local social community of mums

Mush is the number one app for new parents in the UK (App Store Jan-Sep '17). Becoming a mum is brilliant, but it can also be lonely. Mush exists to fast-track women into their new lives as mums by finding mums nearby with kids the same age, giving them a list of local recommended places near them, and providing them access to a local messaging board with other mums. It is Facebook for mums. It is taking mum communities into the 21st Century. It is the platform for millennial mums.


Sarah & I (the co-founders) met in a cold playground with 2 children under 2 each. We were knackered and had long days to fill without help or friends nearby. We swapped numbers and kept each other sane, spending those long days together rather than alone in our homes! We realised 80% of mums admit to feeling lonely as new mums, and we knew that in a world so well serviced with other social networks and dating apps, there needed to be one for mums. We raised seed funding and quit our jobs, focusing on a go-to-market strategy for Mush. We launched in April 2016 to an amazing response.

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