Mirrorable EDU

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We envision a world in which everyone can exploit its potential simply learning while observing

Mirrorable EDU is an interactive platform that enables a unique edutainment opportunity, able to stimulate the plasticity of the motor system by activating the mirror neurons system, while watching tailored videos and playing remotely with video-pals. Mirrorable EDU is thought for people who wants to learn or relearn motor abilities with three main benefits: scientific evidence, based on latest findings on Neuroscience and AI users are involved in an engaging way, interacting with Mirrorable independently (through gaming, augmented reality, AI) and playing remotely with peers the practice of motor skills learning shifts from classrooms to a more familiar and favourable place like home, contributing to the general wellbeing of families and impacting on social service costs saving.


We founded FightTheStroke from our own experience as parents of Mario, who survived a stroke at birth. In the absence of effective rehabilitating therapies for Mario, we moved from the desire to enable our child’s full potential to a wider commitment when we discovered that, like Mario, there are more than 3.5 million children worldwide in the same condition. With Mirrorable EDU we want to exploit the successful experience with impaired children and extend our reach to all the children, as youngster in the edutainment/connected toys arena (1Bl) and adults in the online learning segment (4.7 Bl). Dreaming of a more inclusive and empathetic world thanks to Mirrorable EDU.

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