Luminary Legacies

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We're bringing light to those who have made a difference to our lives through real acknowledgement

1Billion Luminaries–1Billion Legacies =2 Billion moments of happy that lasts Forever. Luminary Legacies is designed for YOU to get present to people (individuals & groups) in your life who have made/make a difference to you, reach out, & intentionally acknowledge them for the amazing impact they have on your life. Many don't know & sadly many never do. And it's so simple! Our goal is to create 1 billion luminaries, share1 billion legacies & in the process activate 2 billion moments of happiness that last forever; transforming our lives & motivating us to reach out to others so happy expands. Real acknowledgement is a gift that keeps giving-it gives us the option to be generous, be big, inspire, connect & make someone happy- that's SUPER HAPPINESS. BRING ON THE LIGHT BE A LUMINARY- CREATE A LEGACY


Our motivation comes from an understanding that acknowledgement is a powerful catalyst for transformation & happiness. Our view is real acknowledgement is often unexamined. It's an extraordinary vehicle to create abundance, societal change and transformation, because it enables us to discover who we authentically are for each other, what we care about and an ability to see we can make others happy. It's not ok: Society has not found a way forward to find peace. In a world of abundance, poverty exists. We tolerate violence of any kind. People kill themselves & each other. We allow the underbelly of racism to thrive. We tolerate bullying & abuse. People think they don't matter. We are inspired by contributing to a world that works for everyone, sharing tools & practices to support people to live well & be happy.

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