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KSF is agri-tech startup pioneering new age of agri-business to make agriculture closer to everyone.

KSF.LLC is an agri-tech startup pioneering new age of agribusiness making agriculture closer to everyone with “ROOT (Remote Observation & Operation Technology)”. ROOT is the world’s first remote and interactive farming platform for urban consumers to join, learn and enjoy agriculture from anywhere at any time via smart devices. The ROOT users enjoy the only-one virtual-real combined farming experience in an easy manner with automated simulation and professional assistance through its gamified user interface. The CEO is Keisuke, an actual farmer from Japan and app-developer. KSF is backed up by Said Business School, University of Oxford, Microsoft UK, KIRIN (Japan’s beverage company) and JR EAST (Japan’s infrastructure firm). It is winning in competitions in 9 countries all over the world.


"As a small-holder farmer, Keisuke realizes that NEW INCOME SOURCE using same agricultural resources is needed to vitalize small-faming. Not technology or productivity itself, business model disruption helps the industry. He is passionate about establishing new business model allowing farmers to sell unique farming experience, not just crops. ROOT realizes it. Also, urbanization causes people to be isolated from agriculture. ROOT project started from conversation with a woman. After being pregnant, she got concerned about food sources for her expected baby. But, she found that she did not know anything about agriculture. She told Keisuke that she wanted to know more about it and join and even control food production while living in Tokyo. This customer voice is the start for this project."

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