Jevaroo - telepresence robotic arm

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Jevaroo is a telepresence robotic arm on a movable platform that empowers seniors

Jevaroo is a telepresence robotic arm on a movable platform. Jevaroo empowers seniors and saves carers travel time and costs. Jevaroo is controlled by an elderly person in the same room over Bluetooth, giving them independence, or by a carer in another location via Wi-Fi in order to do chores around the home - getting drinks, opening doors, and bringing food. Human arms have 7 degrees of freedom. Jevaroo has 8. This means the arm is easy to control and able to approach door handles or cups from even more angles than a human arm! Jevaroo can lift 1kg at full extension, and pick objects off the ground or from as high as 1.8m. The first robotic hand has two fingers. Jevaroo may be controlled by smartphone or internet browser. Seniors may use the software platform to find a suitable carer.


From 2013 - 2015, I built robot arms for people with limited upper limb mobility in wheelchairs. I spoke to 200 people in the care community to gather requirements, and for feedback on prototypes. People with a disability were in awe and said “this is a dream come true”. I thought, why don’t we give these robotic arms their own movable platforms, so carers may remotely control them, and so that people without wheelchairs could also benefit? From 2015, I began designing a telepresence robot, Teleport, to provide a remotely controlled, movable platform for our robot arm. Teleport is now complete and Teleports are being used in museums, offices and for kids in hospital to attend school remotely. Jevaroo will be launched and sold to care organizations, and seniors and their children from 2018.

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