InnerG Bus

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A home-on-wheels built to reflect you

An InnerG Bus is a school bus that has been renovated into a home on wheels built to reflect you. An InnerG Bus is built for the occupancy of up to 5 residents with accommodations that include personal sleeping space and storage. InnerG Bus residents are also equipped with, a shared bathroom, shared kitchen, additional storage, common area, light transportation, electricity, water, heat, A/C, appliances, WiFi and a community of people looking to collaborate and support each other - all for just $399/mo. Our mission is to empower people to create the life that they desire, by retrofitting an InnerG Bus to be built out to be a mobile Restaurant, Photography Studio, Music Studio, Work Space, Barbershop, and the list goes on.


Huffington Post recently wrote an article titled "The Hourly Income Needed to Afford Rent Around The U.S." - the article's main point is that in the U.S. majority of people's monthly job earnings ends up being less than the average cost of rent. Life is too expensive for many people around the world. And it's not even the luxuries that are too expensive, it's the basic needs, the bare minimums, the food, clothes, housing & transportation that's too expensive. It is baffling that homelessness can exist in a city that has thousands of abandoned homes (i.e Chicago, Toronto) and even more baffling that political and social bodies perceive this as normal.

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