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Social antivirus & child's personal assistant, powered by AI, protecting children online

iBuddy installed on child's mobile phone, able agnostically to detect any kind of cyberthreat in any application. iBuddy decides the level of threat and acts accordingly. If threat minor threat or negative behavior detected iBuddy's chatbot starts to talk with a child in order to provide him a real time support on how to deal with the situation\motivate him to change his or his friend's negative behavior. If the detected threat is a major one, parallel to chat iBuddy sends a smart message to child parent with guidance on how to deal with the situation, how to approach the child & material on the relevant subject. In some cases iBuddy will suggest parents to connect them to a professional consultation. Decision of threat level made by analyzing threat detected & behavioral changes analysis.


During 2016 I have witnessed my niece going through shaming in her class and I saw the impact on her and her family, later I studied and was shocked with the size of the phenomenon. Being a father for 2 kids I want them to grow into the world where cyberbullying considered an unacceptable phenomenon. I am excited about the possibility to create something that will make the world a bit better place and will help me and millions of others to protect our children and educate them properly.

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