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Happy.cam is a consumer platform whose mission is to bring more happiness to the world.

Happy.cam allows people to connect more deeply, share experiences, capture memories and "visualize" their moods. Businesses can use the data Happy.cam collects to gain critical insights into the emotions of their own users. How It Works: Browse the Feed. You’ll see funny videos, gifs, selfies and other “happy” content as well as user’s reactions to the same content. Turn on your own camera and every time you react to something Happy.cam will snap a looping gif. These selfies will be saved to your private Smile Diary organized by emotion - giving you an intimate view of your reactions throughout the day! Check out the Happy Score to see how many times you’ve smiled Tap on the interactive Mood Map to see what part of the world is happiest now"


Businesses track every aspect of consumer behavior but they don’t measure emotion. When a user is viewing content, the company knows WHAT they are doing but NOT how they are feeling. Imagine if… Walmart could identify what emotion triggers a user to add items to carts. Tencent could see exactly when a user is getting mad in a game. CNN knew which stories made users laugh and cry. We believe that emotion analytics is an absolutely critical, but completely missing data set for millions of companies. Our vision is to create a consumer app that encourages users to keep their camera on while browsing the web and using their phones. This will enable us to generate millions of anonymous emotion data points that we can sell to businesses. We believe that this will be a massive monetization opportunity.

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