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"Eldo builds intergenerational relationships by connecting older mentors with younger minds"

"Eldo builds friendships across generational boundaries, by matching up younger and older people for educational opportunities. The elderly are lonely. In fact, easing loneliness in the elderly has been proven to actually reduce mortality, improve happiness, and benefit the community. As of now, many elderly people have little access to opportunities for friendship, especially intergenerational ones. The young population wants to learn, whether it be practicing chess orlearning how to cook. Unfortunately, there aren’t dominant platforms where young people can find mentors who can help guide them on these skills. Eldo will connect these two populations to improve happiness, create more friendships, and be an educational experience."


"This idea is motivated by the power of intergenerational relationships. Personally, I’ve had amazing experiences learning hobbies and interests from the elderly. For example, I met an older gentleman passionate about the game of Cribbage, at a time in my life when I was eager to get better at the game. After playing with him, I not only got better at Cribbage, but also started developing a relationship with him, and learning stories about his time in the war. I noticed something in him as well. He was happy to teach me how to play the game and feel valued. He was happy to talk about his times in the war. He was happy to be my friend. As an ex-Googler and Stanford GSB admit, I can see huge potential here for a platform to really connect and inspire people from different generations."

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