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BLITAB® is the World’s first tactile tablet for blind and partially sighted people.

BLITAB® is the first ever Braille tablet with an innovative actuating technology to create tactile text and graphics. The “iPad” for the blind. Our patented invention is the smart tactile display technology that can be multiplied into various industries.BLITAB® allows for the first time blind users to learn, work and play with one mobile device;have digital access to information in real time.BLITAB® converts any document into Braille text;little dots ""tixels"" raise immediately from the surface and then fall down again. Worldwide there are more than 285 million blind and visually impaired people (WHO, 2012).Only 1% of all published books are available in Braille,the fundamental tool for education and literacy of blind people.BLITAB® brings tremendous positive change at minimal end-user cost.


I strongly believe that you should have personal motivation to change the status quo. The idea came when I was studying Industrial Engineering. At that time a blind colleague of mine asked me to sign him up for an online course because he just could not do it by himself. I asked why he couldn’t read a webpage using a Braille interface. He showed me. And I was shocked. The state of the art today are Braille devices that interface between blind people and computers. Essentially, it is a US$5,000–US$8,000 keyboard and where a blind user can read. It is extremely limited to just a few words. The reason of this is the old, bulky and limited piezoelectric technology, currently used by all manufacturers on the market, which directly leads to low literacy rate among blind children. I wanted to change that.

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