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Ava is ai-driven employee’s happiness assistant

We're helping to build and empower high performing teams by introducing KPI of Happiness into founders dashboards. Founder's focus on employee happiness helps to build a sustainable high performing culture and better results. Our work happiness formula: Work Happiness = Well-being + Engagement (see happiness dashboard). We executed this approach through chatbot Ava who acts as team happiness manager and helps every employee be well and engaged by collecting data, analysing and providing coaching on action steps to change on personal and team level. Ava's NLP also analyzes emotional patterns in team's voice communication and provide relevant insights into team dynamics to help leaders manage agile, distributed and flat teams. We're live in Slack store and working on Skype bot.


Our motivation is clear: Work should be a joy. Why 69% US workers are not engaged, they're missing their lives. When you're well you bring the best version of yourself and when your gifts and talents are well utilized you're growing personally and professionally. This is a work happiness and everybody deserve to have a job they love. This is even more important for Millennials who're 38% of the workforce already. And with all organizational changes toward agile, distributed and flat team some kind of happiness assistance can help leaders to build a sustainable high-performing culture. Here we're the team of HR and tech professionals coming together to facilitate this change and introduce KPI of Happiness, know how to measure it and improve. Try it out

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