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An online tool that uses artificial intelligence to help people design their own paths to happiness

Augus is an open access Internet platform that anybody, anywhere, who wishes to improve their life, can use. It guides people through a personal design process to create innovative solutions to be happier. It uses machine learning to help users detect areas in which they could work on to improve their life. Then, it helps them create ideas to approach this area, while it suggests solutions that have worked for other people in similar situations. Finally, it helps people notice their own happiness improvements over time with the solutions they implemented, keeping track of the ideas explored and anonymously sharing them to other people building their own potential paths. Since Augus uses learning algorithms to function, the more people who use it, the better it becomes at its job.


Increasing incomes alone doesn’t always raise happiness. We believe there is a need for collaborative tools to help us explore different and achievable paths towards greater happiness. We want to make happiness-building universal. Psychology has expanded our knowledge regarding happiness and the factors that influence it. Internet has united millions of people worldwide, while machine learning has expanded its capacity to predict outcomes and identify patterns from data. On the other hand, Design has developed a creative process to develop and validate innovative solutions to all kinds of problems. We want to provide a tool that combines Psychology, Design, and Information Technology to boost happiness co-creation.

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